Intern’s story – Omkar Patil

Every year we host many interns from India’s leading universities. Our chosen interns have demonstrated academic excellence, strong leadership, and technical excellence in their respective fields.

In a quick chat with our former intern Omkar Patil, he shared insights about his internship at Raah. Read what he learned and experienced while working at our office in Bangalore.

Raah Financials Intern - Omkar Patil

How did you get your internship opportunity at Raah?

“I actually applied for the position; I found this opportunity by a search on Raah’s website. Soon after I submitted my resume, I was contacted for an interview opportunity and was eventually hired.”

First day of your internship?

“The nicest thing that I learnt on Day 1 was that all of these people regardless of their respective roles, are the most amazing folks to hang out with. It took me about an hour to get used to the fact that I am going to be seeing people like this almost all the time. One would think that the atmosphere in a financial firm would be perfectly strict. Let me clear this, we had the most fun while working, be it celebrating someone’s birthday or dealing with trading activities.

What was your role as an intern at Raah?

“My role at this internship at Raah was for Equity Analysts profile. I used to work on a live stock trading platform with other analysts and financial minds, to gain knowledge on both fundamental and technical structure of financial markets.”

What was the best part about your internship with us?

“In my opinion, the best aspect of the internship was the culture. I never walked into work thinking that the day was going to go by slowly. It actually went by too quickly sometimes. Also, the full time employees made sure that i would get any and all help that i needed which was huge. It was just a very close knit environment that made working there a wonderful experience. I also had a buddy who was a great support during my internship.”

Was Internship at Raah helpful?

“I found my time in the internship program to be highly enriching. It was the most educational experience of my degree as it gave me the opportunity to step outside of the classroom and transition directly into the workforce. While working with Raah Financials, I found new confidence knowing that I am able to apply what I have learned in my studies in a real life setting. Also, the experience I gained working in the Indian stock market will surely give me an advantage when competing with other recent graduates for professional positions. The contacts I made with my employer, and co-workers will be beneficial to me down the road. Overall, the internship was a positive experience for me and gave me a thorough understanding of how stock markets actually work.”

End Notes:

In the end all was merry and Omkar left Raah on a positive note taking with him countless memories to cherish and a Pre-Placement Offer for the role of Equity Analyst, which he accepted.

In the end Life has things planned for you. Indeed!


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