Our take on investments

Test 1Right Mix of portfolio
Choosing a varied range of portfolios to invest in is not going to pay off  unless you figure out how portfolios work. So do your homework right and find out what best suits your investment plans.

Test 6Time your Investments right!
Knowing when to invest and striking the right investment timeline is key to gaining better returns from your investments. Prior planning helps you build a successful investment plan keeping in mind set objectives, goals etc.

Blog  Investments 10Make a list of Companies to invest/follow!
You can find companies whose stock trend shows a upward positioning, these are the ones you should be keen on as they are your best bet for higher returns.

Test 3Invest, Don’t Gamble
Understanding the risks involved with different types of investments helps you invest rather gamble. If you really want to gamble you’d rather do it some place else as investments are not a safe bet.

Test 5Set a Goal
Before deciding/starting your investment timeline, set a clear/concise goal. Establish a timeline to achieve these goals, for instance.,expected returns for 3/10/15/30 years.

Test 9Do your Homework
Before you take the plunge into investing, probe on things about company standing, returns/gains/losses in the last 5 years helps in making a working and healthy investment.

Test 2Weigh your benefits
Is it worth investing that sum or save up for your kids college funds. Pro active thinking beats it.

Test 4Strategize Right
Different investment needs require different solutions. Rather following a singular approach on all your investments, research about how you can get the max payload from them.

Test 7

Observe/Watch the Market
You tend to gain a lot of knowledge just by watching the market, with continued exposure you will be able to conclude where the market is headed.


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