The World of Achievement has always belonged to the Optimist

One of the greatest moments for a Financial Firm is to be covered in India’s one of the leading Financial Magazines – Consultants Review25 Most Promising Financial Consultants in India 2017”.


“Excellence has a new name Raah Financials, revolutionizing the 142 year old stock market”. Nandini Mukherjee (Managing Editor of Consultants Review) perfectly described our story towards success. Consultant review is an excellent platform, which gives information about the latest trends, opportunities, developments and much more from experts.

Raah has focused the entire company operations around speed, service and perfection. We don’t believe in business, we believe in people. Ensuring successful relationship with investors is our main area of focus.

Raah has developed and come up with a variety of investment plans. We offer services in all major areas of the financial sector, from stock market and insurance to wealth management.

We have time tested investment principles for all the clients that we serve and are implemented and backed with the highest degree of integrity.

With our extensive knowledge of the industry and strong client focus, we are a leading financial consultant in Bangalore. We customize the investment strategies for clients to fully realize their investment potential. With 430 active clients and 40 employees with established branches in the country, Raah ensures that it meets everyone’s need.

We recently were also awarded the Best Performer of the year 2017 by Destimoney. This is the third time we have received this award.Capture1

It is the simplest yet incredibly uplifting things to get appreciated on hard work.



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